DEVI BAGLAMUKHI – "The enemy destroyer".mate power in modern era, it has atomic powers and indeed it is a enemy destroyer".

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About Sadhak R.N.Sharma

About Sadhak R.N.Sharma -

        Born to a middle class, God fearing, happy and contented business family in mid eighties. Sadhak R. N. Sharma was youngest of his two brothers. The family members also called him Mantoo in his childhood. His father had an iron-ore casting factory and technical acumen in his trade. After getting his formal education he started to work with his father to share workload from him. Soon he became indispensable for his father. Seeing his youngest son fitting well in his shoes he said Mantoo’s mother that he is the most successful and contented man on the earth. In this particular period both father and son took their business to the new heights.

         But destiny had its own  planning. All their fortunes and friends of good times abandoned them suddenly like stars vanish when sun comes. It all happened within months. One by one his three workshops and a factory slipped from him like sand in the fist. Friends became foes between nights. His father got depression resultant heart-attack and confined to bed, his eldest brother parted with family along with his wife and children. His elder brother with his spouse remains with Sadhak R.N.Sharma. In this lean phase Sadhak R.N.Sharma became lone bread earner for his family. After rigorous labor, day and night, he rarely met both ends of his family. In this period he did whatever he could be able do in rightful manner to fulfill his family needs.

         Between these horrific times one of his friends came to his makeshift shop to introduce a Pundit Jee. He along with his friend called on pundit jee to pursue him to come to his shop. When Pundit Jee with his friend come to his makeshift shop. Sadhak R.N.Sharma made them seat and get out of his shop to make arrangement for tea to his esteemed guests. At that time arrangement of mere tea for his guest is a big problem for Sadhak R.N.Sharma because at that time he had not a single penny in his pocket. He had to make request to the tea stall owner that he will pay the dues within a couple of days. In the shop, after seeing the tea Pundit Jee told Sadhak R.N.Sharma that I know what you did for this tea. Pundit jee further told “you and your family is disturbed by an unseen witchcraft, come tomorrow at my home. I will help you to solve your problem”.

      One day along with his friend he went to see Pundit Jee in his home. There, Pundit Jee told all the accounts of past relating to him and his family and also told him about his unseen enemy, witchcraft and way to eradicate this out. Pundit Jee suggested him to enchant Shri Durga saptshati at regular basis. He started doing what pundit jee said to him word by word . Within week everything changed suddenly like miracle. he got huge orders from his past customers and also got full sum in advance. He processed the order in time but some customer never took their finished product their finished product kept well, even today. In between he got the clairvoyance to start the Baglamukhi Sadhana. At that time he had not any clue about Baglamukhi Mahavidya’s sadhana. He tried his best to find any guru in this sector but didn’t get anybody to guide him.

       Somehow he got a tiny book of Baglamukhi mahamantram and started enchanting the mantra. Then the miracle happened. Maa Baglamukhi herself guide him different types and processes of Sadhnas. Power of Baglamukhi Mahavidaya unfolded in him. He started to get clairvoyance of everything and everybody of daily life in advance. Maa Baglamukhi told address and called him in her temple in Patna. He also got it in advance that soon his parents going to pass away – within fortnight both his father and mother passed away peacefully. Till date by the grace of Maa Baglamukhi Mr. R.N. Sharma made many faces smile, made many people normal from their psychic-psychological disorder, helped people to live happy married life from the brink of divorce, helped people to get rid of their seen or unseen enemy, got many soul librated from witchcraft, helped to return people their home who has deserted their family, took many people away from their immature death bed, unearthed and destroyed many witchcraft, helped many people to win their suits, neutralized enemies of many people and solved all the problems people came with.

        Sadhak R.N. Sharma has a sound belief that Biggest and most powerful enemy of mankind is its self negative-thought-patterns and after getting rid of these negative-thought-patterns – there is no need to destroy any outer enemy, every body would live their life happily. And, for achieving this goal there is no other power that destroys their enemy so mercilessly as Baglamukhi mahavidya. Maa Baglamukhi pierces all the negative thoughts of mankind with single swipe of her sword. – Anil Kumar

“A particular witchcraft and its subject that make itself and its subject buried – Baglamukhi is the omnipotent power, which unearth and destroy them.” – Mantramhodadhi

About Sadhak R.N.Sharma

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“The combined forces of the whole world cannot face the fury of the Goddess, who removes poverty, enemies, and tensions with a single swipe of her sword.”- Summerfield.

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